East Coast Day Adventures

east coast day adventure

Twitch the seldom seen on an East Coast Day Adventure

The Atlantic coast of Florida has some fantastic opportunities to see wading, shore, migratory and endangered species. We find warblers to wood-storks and many species in between. On the best days we spot the endangered Florida scrub jay. From Smyrna Dunes to San Sebastian Inlet there are many hidden birding jewels. A day trip may include Merritt Island National Refuge, Canaveral National Seashore, and Vieira Wetlands. Some trips have a planned itinerary but we will discuss your options and interests prior to finalizing the days schedule. Come join us as the Adventure unfolds.

Traveling in climate controlled comfort we will drive through and stop for exploratory hikes in a variety of terrains and habitats. We include a nice Florida style picnic, use of binoculars or a scope as needed and our price is all inclusive for 1-3 birders.

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*East Coast Birding: $325 plus tax, includes lunch

East Coast Day Adventure

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