Where the birds are!

The Central Florida area is one of the top tourist destinations in the world. With Disney, Universal, Lego Land, Sea World, and a host of other attractions available, many find themselves in the hustle and bustle of these self contained eco(nomic)-systems and never get a chance to see the beauty and wildlife of real Florida.

Florida’s subtropical climate is easy to see, our Central Florida Coastal Regions are edged by wonderful mangrove forests. Cabbage Palms and Palmettos are found in many areas across the state. Our birds here are almost of a West Indian influence, with breeding:

  • Snail Kites
  • Short-tailed Hawks
  • Reddish Egrets
  • Roseate Spoonbills
  • Mangrove Cuckoos
  • and the sassy Black-whiskered Vireo among others.

Many other birds found in Central Florida and the Central Florida Coastal regions are highly sought after by visiting birders. Some of these birds are relatively common, others localized and somewhat rare.

These Birds include:

We have a number of birds that reach their southern breeding limit in our area as well, these include the :